DredgeLand’s Big Day Out: Hocus Pocus Park

The DredgeLand Podcast Spectacular
The DredgeLand Podcast Spectacular
DredgeLand’s Big Day Out: Hocus Pocus Park

Dearest DredgeLanders!

This grain-filled podcast takes place in Hocus Pocus Park, North-West Dulwich. Originally built in the mid-nineties before being taken down for safety reasons, it was rebuilt last Thursday and re-opened last week.

It’s a particularly unusual theme park as not only does it have a special Guess The Number Ride, but a superb exit which takes at least three hours to navigate. Please note: this podcast was broadcast live on Hove FM and will be repeated on Belgium FM during Michaelmas.

See you next time for more adventures and plinth based comedy podcasting.


In the meantime – here’s some images of our time at Hocus Pocus Park:


DL. x





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