About AhhGee

Upon waking up one morning alongside three chickens, some grapes (red), a man named peter, two care bears and an empty bottle of wine, Grax (real name unknown) and Andy (real name Andy), decided it was time to grow up, throw off the shackles of their hidden talent (some might argue bestiality) and unique depth, stop keeping their thoughts to themselves and crack out the whimsy to a public audience of more than six.

So sometime in 2013 (probably February, may have been earlier – citation needed), they created AhhGee Productions.

But what is AhhGee? Well, its simple. Its AH & RG. (There you go, we won’t explain that one again). AhhGee and their task was simple. Firstly, saving the world from a giant meteor (statutory but necessary), however because we had combined our powers one evening at a roller disco aged 11, things hadn’t gone quite to plan and now we are afraid of heights above four foot nine, all words beginning with Z (but not Zebra or Zoo) and Adrian Chiles.

However, fear not. AhhGee’s unique brand of whimsy, once described as “quite good” and “actually not bad if you turn it down and think of something entirely different” is here for your eyes (via the medium of youtube and generally in front of you) and ears (via the medium of sound). So, pull up a chair (other seats are available), pop on your favourite top, grab a glass of non descriptive fluid and enjoy.


Andy and Grax Of AhhGee Productions


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