DredgeLand Interview Spectacular Volume 1: Iain Lee

The DredgeLand Podcast Spectacular
The DredgeLand Podcast Spectacular
DredgeLand Interview Spectacular Volume 1: Iain Lee

This week, Andy and John interview one of the best broadcasters in the country – Iain Lee!  Listen in and hear Iain talk about all sorts of things including:

His brilliantly entertaining Talk Radio show

His variety night, ‘Performance Ring’ (in which we pushed a wheelbarrow across the stage)

His ace producer, Kath

Steven Page (ex-Barenaked Ladies) playing live on a hill in Regent’s Park

How to address Trump being elected in an original manner

The Presenterless Hour (in which Iain said nothing on the radio for sixty minutes and the callers took over)

Playing the drums for Danny Baker

Dermot O’ Leary’s trousers

Plus someone accidentally hitting the microphone (Andy), and a lightning round of Guess The Number.  It’s all here on The DredgeLand/Iain Lee Podcast Spectacular!



2 responses to “DredgeLand Interview Spectacular Volume 1: Iain Lee”

  1. Dana Avatar

    Hi guys, loved you at Performance Ring, I attempted stand up in the first half. Really looking forward to this podcast.

    Love Dana

    1. John Dredge Avatar
      John Dredge

      thanks me deario!

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