AhhGee Podcast: Episode 6

AhhGee Podcast
AhhGee Podcast
AhhGee Podcast: Episode 6

It’s a bit of a lovey-dovey day on the AhhGee Podcast. Today we mostly talk about Andy’s Valentine’s Day. He went on an actual date and, despite the initial head beatings at the hair salon, the face gash incident during shaving and the awkward introductions, Andy’s date went pretty well. Oh, and Grax had a nice Valentines Day as well.

We also answer some Burning Questions from Sarah and Craig from the Twitterverse. Good times! And STOP THE PRESS! Guest poem reading from Emma Pashmina?!? Awesome.

Big thanks and mentions to the follow folks:
Mike Wozniak @mrmikewozniak
Soho Theatre @sohotheatre
Jam Factory Oxford  @TheJamFactory


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