AhhGee Podcast Episode 5

AhhGee Podcast: Episode 5

AhhGee Podcast
AhhGee Podcast
AhhGee Podcast: Episode 5

Another week, another episode of the AhhGee Podcast. We got Michael Bell again and this week is Valentines week. So we look at some Valentine stories, share some of our own dating tales and look at some personal ads.

We also mention balding homeless people, late night baking, Grax’s London Marathon run, Surgery Whore Medics, the local news in the Lichfield Mercury, touching yourself on the train, proper etiquette of buying a girl a drink, is it scone or scone, this week’s Burning Question, and the deciding game of AhhGee Versus.

Grax still would love your support for his London Marathon run. You can sponsor Grax on his sponsor page here.

Quick mentions and big thanks to @lichmercury, @irishsam90, @zipolightning, @okeating, @popfictional @big_no7 @rachaelvsworld @emmapashmina@hughes89n @scattyginger @crapolatombola @tommykaboom @ismelllovely@anne_kalli and @sallypc


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