AhhGee Podcast: Episode 3

AhhGee Podcast
AhhGee Podcast
AhhGee Podcast: Episode 3

Here we are, episode 3 of AhhGee Podcast! This week we talked about special days of the week, penguins (just because), poems from Loopyloo, combining reduced-priced foods, asking for free stuff from big names, and we talked about our Twitter followers… in a good way.

We also have special guest Michael Bell (*Ding*) on the show. He tells the tale about an inquisitive child, he ask us his Burning Question, he reports in the East Midlands News, we compete in AhhGee Versus, and should he shave his beard in #MyFaceInYourHands.

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As mentioned on the show, here’s Michael Bell’s face to compare. Beard or no beard?

Michael Bell: Beard or no beard?
Michael Bell: Beard or no beard?

Michael Bell: twitter.com/michaelbell86
Ding and Jones: www.youtube.com/dingandjones

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