AhhGee Podcast: Episode 10

AhhGee Podcast
AhhGee Podcast
AhhGee Podcast: Episode 10

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the tenth episode of the internationally heard #AhhGeePodcast !! This week we cover subjects such as the dangers of podcasting to members of your family and issues around misconception (Andy & his date with Kevin).

We also cover topics such as: How to be more butch & the most interesting name Andy has ever heard.
Andy has been designing Apps to pitch to the team and Michael Bell ‘ding’ has been jogging for Lent with some amusing results.

In Middle East / West / Europe News we learn of a stunning second week pun in the Lichfield Mercury, plus news on the result of the Lichfield ‘Lovely Ladies Competition’.
More news stories including how to get a tax break in Canada and Grax presents a warning for the future of mankind (Goat Apocalypse).
We also have the return of Texas the Psychic Horse (@texspychichorse) with more pet healing.


#AhhGeePodcast is coming to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014!!! listen in for more details of our 7 show, 8th floor Whimsy for your eyes and ears and faces!!! This is both Exciting and Terrifying!!!!

This weeks Burning Questions were from @dillinger606 @toriatweeter@anne_kalli @danibailey1985


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