AhhGee Interviews: Alex Horne

AhhGee Interviews
AhhGee Interviews
AhhGee Interviews: Alex Horne

This week, Andy of AhhGee Productions meets the fantastic Alex Horne of Alex Horne, The Horne Section and many other Alex Horne related shows and content. Andy and Alex discuss all things favourite words, chairs and cheese, We also discuss prime numbers, lying to children and taking on the Sainsbury’s nectar card system.


We cover issues such as cotton vs silk and how effective ex footballer and pundit Steve Claridge would be at maiming a chat show host. Most importantly, although Alex once smashed a plate (by pure error), however he has a second plate, which is now in a plate holder. Take heed.

Alex brings his show Monsieur Butterfly to this years Edinburgh fringe festival – tickets available here: www.pleasance.co.uk/event/alex-horn…sieur-butterfly

The Horne section present Milk the Tenderness at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014 here:

Alex also presents The Percentage Game (a two show special):

You can find out more about all things Alex Horne on the Alex Horne website www.alexhorne.com

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