Entrance music for love, Terrible Ed Fringe preview and 13 year old spirit girl stalking: AhhGee Podcast Series 2 Episode 26

In this week’s AhhGee Podcast Grax confesses a habit that he has developed in the bedroom. He can’t begin making love to his girlfriend without entrance music. How did it all begin? What kind of songs could Grax possibly be using? Listen on to find out more.

Michael Bell confesses that he has some reservations for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Mainly because he preview a preview show that was… let’s just say ‘sub par’. But how can a show be sub par with Zebras wearing shades? Michael Bell reveals all.

Texas the Psychic Horse uncovers a sinister story of a 13 year old girl spirit has been secretly stalking a woman and her Boxer dog without the owner’s knowledge for years! Texas has the answer to what happened to the Boxer dog that passed away.

All this and your weekly #BurningQuestions and Michael Bell is back on form with this week’s #MikesPoem. No Hulk Hogan! You won’t get away with the naughty thing that you did!

And in case you were wondering what Grax’s girlfriend was laughing at…

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