Author: Andrew Harland

  • AhhGee Reviews: The 2020/21 Premier League football kits.

    The premier league restarts this weekend, I know I know, football bloody football am I right? There’s a lot that is annoying about it, the media’s obsession so we can’t escape, the sheer amount of money in the English game is ungodly & the amount Man United make in a year could probably solve homelessness.…

  • HoveFM Music Video: MC Boom Boom FT DJ Stamp.

    HoveFM Music Video: MC Boom Boom FT DJ Stamp.

    Our friends over @HoveFMRadio have launched their official world first music video / jingle. HoveFM is Pure Hove and the third most listened to radio station in Hove. Operating 4.2 days per week, it’s Pure Hove for the Hove for those in and or around Hove. Enjoy!    

  • The DredgeLand Podcast Spectacular Live

    Welcome to the DredgeLand Podcast Spectacular Live. Recorded at the Southampton SuperPod Comic Relief event our mad trio John and Andy brought the live studio on tour in a small hotel room near a boat. Features on the show include someone knitting. Other features include the popular in the Penge region quiz 123321, Dear Dredge,…