AhhGee Podcast on the road: Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014

Grax here.

It’s official. No… it’s MORE official. AhhGee Productions, along with Michael Bell (Ding and Jones) and Adele Cliff (Biscuit and Brawn) are taking the AhhGee Podcast to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and we are gonna perform the podcast live. Proper live! In front of people…. for 4 days!!

Between August 12th and August 16th we will be performing at theSpace @ Jury’s Inn. That’s 4 days of AhhGee style comedy! Tickets are now on sale and you can buy tickets to our Fringe Podcast here! Or you can buy tickets through out Store page on the AhhGee Productions website.

More details to follow. Oh well make sure of that.





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