The AhhGee Box Of Humbug Christmas Special 2016

AhhGee Podcast
AhhGee Podcast
The AhhGee Box Of Humbug Christmas Special 2016

It’s Christmas time and Team AhhGee have been feeling glum. After discovering that they have not been broadcasting for the past 6 months (due to Grax not paying the Internet bill) a festive spectre appears before them to help.

Andy, Grax and Michael Bell are given a chance to try and change the pasts to improve their futures. But how can they possibly do this? Tune in to find out more.

To break up this plotline, Michael Bell gives Andy and a scenario and asks the question “Mission Impossible Or Is It Possible?”. Let’s find out. And we find out what’s this week’s Word On The Street.

All this and some Christmassy #BurningQuestions.

Christmassy Burning Questions

@ivanhoe trousers
@therock (won’t you be Michael Bell’s best friend?)

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