#OhMyVlog, #AhhGeePoemcast and Tudorian Heckling: AhhGee Podcast Series 2 Episode 25

AhhGee Podcast
AhhGee Podcast
#OhMyVlog, #AhhGeePoemcast and Tudorian Heckling: AhhGee Podcast Series 2 Episode 25

This week our Michael Bell of the Internet Ding is on holiday, after his recent festival fun, can Andy and Grax steer the good ship Podcast to glory?

This week, Grax has been working the gloop at Truck Festival, whilst Andy has been experiencing a range of hecklers as he develops his stand up. But why?

Grax decides that it’s imperative that the hot new youth person people’s magazine Oh my Vlog!! But what is this amazing, brilliant, informative and glossy new magazine?

We’ve got news on new innovations in man sex dolls, now fully customisable and it wouldn’t be the AhhGeePodcast without more of your #BurningQuestions.

However, this weeks #BurningQuestions are with a little twist. Because Mikes on his holidays, we’ve got a plethora of poetic questions for Grax and Andy to provide their expertise on..

We finish up with some bespoke poetry from the minds of Grax and Andy. Don’t fear guys, the professional poet, Mr Ding shall return soon!!

Watch parts of this episode in video format, so that you can see Grax’s reaction as well as hearing it.

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