AhhGee Podcast LIVE at Brighton Fringe Festival 2015

AhhGee Podcast
AhhGee Podcast
AhhGee Podcast LIVE at Brighton Fringe Festival 2015

It’s the AhhGeePodcastLIVE show actually live show! Andy, Grax and Michael Bell take the weekly podcast show to the Brighton Fringe Festival and these are some of the clips that survived Grax’s bootleg recording.

In this live episode Team AhhGee revisit the funeral stripper news story, we get some audience participation in the form of #AhhGeeVersus and #BurningQuestions and we are honoured to have a special guest appearance from Bob Slayer, comedian and buyer of the Blunda Bus.

Thank you so much to everyone that watched us do the show live at the Brighton Fringe. We love every one of you!



Learn more about Bob Slayer at http://www.bobslayer.com/

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