AhhGee Podcast Episode 31: EdFringe 2014, Local Crimes and Dead Kitten

AhhGee Podcast Series 1
AhhGee Podcast Series 1
AhhGee Podcast Episode 31: EdFringe 2014, Local Crimes and Dead Kitten

The guys are up at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this week, along with their AhhGee guest and friend Adele Cliff (from Biscuit and Brawn). With less than 24 hours left until their first showing of the #AhhGeePodcastLive, they share with each other what happened to each during the drive and train to the land of Scot. Also, why on Earth does Grax only own 6 pairs of underwear?? C’mon, this is ##EdFringe we’re talking about here!

This week we have a glutton of news stories that the public needs to know about. Including pavement head-butting, how to get out of bribery charges and the crime of pretending to be a ghost.

We also have another story from Texas The Psychic Horse, where he helps a reader come to terms with the passing of her 6 month old kitten.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN WE ARE PERFORMING AT THE EDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL! Come watch our show this week, 11th August to 16th August 2014, at the Jury’s Inn venue 260. Buy tickets at http://edfringe.com/whats-on/comedy/ahhgee-podcast-live.


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