AhhGee Podcast Episode 29: Sound Proofing, Dad Story and King Grandy

AhhGee Podcast Series 1
AhhGee Podcast Series 1
AhhGee Podcast Episode 29: Sound Proofing, Dad Story and King Grandy

We may be missing Michael Bell this week but the fun times roll on in this week’s AhhGee Podcast.

Grax attempts to tackle the possible situation of disturbing his neighbours with his podcasting. With science! He attempted to suppress the volume of his voice with various household items.

Andy becomes a secret! Find out how as he tells the tale of how his interview went with the secret service in a secret location. Was it all a success? Andy also passes on the story about how his father built his own bicycle from raw materials

With King Bell absent for the week Andy conspires to claim the #AhhGeeNation throne for himself. He travels to the mountains to see a witch (not @WitchOfScience) and to see if she can poison King Bell.

And of course we finish the show with your #AhhGeeNation requests and #BurningQuestions.


A Birthday Message to Michael Bell

The multi-talented Michael Ball treated us to a special birthday message for Michael Bell.

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