AhhGee Podcast Episode 25: Public liability insurance, personality tests, and Blind Date

AhhGee Podcast Series 1
AhhGee Podcast Series 1
AhhGee Podcast Episode 25: Public liability insurance, personality tests, and Blind Date

In this week’s podcast the 3 amigos of the AhhGee Podcast are in the same room. At the same time! Mercy! However Andy is groggy this week because of only getting 2 hours sleep before recording, but Grax and Michael Bell help him through the experience with some roleplaying. Ultimately, can a free online personality test cure Andy of the post-holiday blues?

Michael Bell gets mocked by school children because he’s getting on in years (the death clock tells him so) and he is still not married! Never fear, Mr Bell gets his own back with telling a little white lie at a cemetery.

Grax does some Fringe Festival admin and discovers that the guys of AhhGee Productions are rich! All they need to do is future out which of them needs to die during the AhhGee Podcast Live show during the festival.

A new challenger appears, it’s Adele Cliff from Biscuit and Brawn! After accidentally proposing marriage to the guys to gain power in the #AhhGeeNation, can an episode of Blind Date decide on who gets to be the groom?

All this along with news about sperm (both good news and bad news), the weekly members of the #AhhGeeNation and your #BurningQuestions.
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AhhGee at the Fringe

The AhhGee Podcast is heading to the Fringe Festival and you can see us live! You can buy your tickets the AhhGee Podcast Live through the EdFringe website.

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