AhhGee Podcast Episode 24: Andy in Turkey, severed finger during rave and a whole bunch of 24

Imagine, if you will the world at risk, freedom removed from your grasp, but wait… The #AhhGeePodcast is here… and in 24 hours we will rescue you from despair, taking you to the destination of comedy via the black cab of whimsy… It’s the AhhGeePodcast Episode 24!

This week we hear of Andy’s recent secret disappearance to lands of foreign soil. Although it wasn’t much of a secret, much to the frustration of Grax and the Internet’s own Michael Bell.

We learn of Andy becoming involved in an accidental kettle whilst in Istanbul, after an incident filled trip to around the airport and subsequent flight. But is Istanbul better than Croydon?

Grax has been taking in some market research, and we receive a lovely review from Grax’s better half.. But not only that, we also test out who from the team has the sexiest voice… (*ding*).

Michael Bell of the Internet brings news of Lichfield toilet cleaning management, whilst we learn of a nasty incident at a rave in South London which made the headlines in the week that was.

We present more royal subjects to the#AhhGeeNation and Michael Bell puts Andy and Grax against each other in another AhhGeeVs.

We finish up with your #BurningQuestions and another lovely poem from Mr Michael Bell of the Internet.
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Music used in podcast are “Rising Tension” by AlpakaWhacker, “Murder Mystery Music” by Alex Cannon, and “At The Sign Of The Swingin’ Cymbals” by Brian Fahey.

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