AhhGee Podcast Episode 15: AhhGee Birthday, Semenology and naked shopping

AhhGee Podcast Series 1
AhhGee Podcast Series 1
AhhGee Podcast Episode 15: AhhGee Birthday, Semenology and naked shopping

This week, Michael Bell of the internet and Andy are without Grax, missing in action from the London Marathon. However, all is well and Grax shall return next week!

So what’s new in the week that was? Well, AhhGee turned one whole year old this week – we were gifted from the fantastic @olafzwyzt and BIBL – bibl-uk.co.uk plus we received a lovely poem from June (@rejunevated)

In other news, Andy has been attacked (yet again), although this time it’s more sinister.

We bring local UK based news from Lichfield, where a very naughty MP has been sacked, there is also news from Woking and Wiltshire (featuring a very nudey man).

Texas the psychic horse makes a storming return to the show, although this week voiced by Andy and we delve into the twitter people’s Burning Questions, including a look at Semenology – Thanks @emmapashmina for that one.


Grax feels bad for missing out in the AhhGee Podcast this week, so he answers one of the Burning Questions on AudioBoo:

And of course… a how-to video on making a Macho Mojito:

Many thanks for listening in, and especially to the following for your contributions to the show:


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