AhhGee Podcast Episode 14: Toilet Butlers, Racist Swan and The London Marathon

AhhGee Podcast Series 1
AhhGee Podcast Series 1
AhhGee Podcast Episode 14: Toilet Butlers, Racist Swan and The London Marathon

Ladies and Gentlemen, strap in, hold on tight because this one is a touch hyper…

It’s the #AhhGeePongCastLive !!! fresh from our trip to the fabulous Bounce (the home of ping pong), we bring whimsy in front of an audience for your ears.

It’s all a bit chaotic this week and this was what we could produce (hence the iffy sound quality), so normal service shall resume for Episode 15…however we cover many important issues.

For example – Has Grax suitably prepared for the marathon? Why has Michael Bell adopted a cat? Are all Swans racists? Who protects Lichfield and Oxford when Grax and Michael Bell are out?

In other news, Andy gets approached in a toilet to discuss man smells and we ask our audience about the female perspective of this phenomenon.

This week we bring more news from Texas The Psychic Horse and his fascinating ability to know what your pets are thinking.. including an issue with omni-cats.

We also bring you more answers to your Burning Questions.  Including issues about coffee pots, man parts, why people only bump into their ex’s when not wearing make up? and more!

Bonus audio: AhhGee Versus Ping Pong Style

Thank you to our lovely audience on the day:
@kgruane (& mark)

Thank you to the following for submitting your questions and answers:
@witchofscience (via audioboo)


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